Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change of Plans, Change of Mind

I had a greatworkout again today. I did 15 min arms, 15 min legs, 20 min abs, and 15 walking at incline 6 3.5 mph. My work out time is my me time. Some people like to unwind or let go by reading, taking a bubble bath, having a class of wine, or watching tv. I like to get my heart pumping. I take that extra down time some people have and use it to go to the gym. As my life gets busier, it gets harder to go at the same time everyday. But my mentality is this: This is what I have to do today at certain times. When can I fit in 1 1/2 hr to work out. It has worked so far.
I have a control issue thats how my ed developed. But I am learning to let go. I still dont like to miss my work outs though. Another control issue I have is schedules and plans. But I have gotten better. I was planing to swim, clean, do laundry, pack , drive and be to my Mom's by dinner on Friday. But my friends wanted to the Thrasher's game on Thursday night. So I am doing laundry, cleaning, and packing this afternoon. Tomorrow I am going on a run shower, eat lunch, and leave. I have had a change of mind, change of attitude.
Another change of mind is my opinion of artificial sweetners. Just 3 months ago I was having atleast 1 diet coke a day and 1 packet of splenda in my coffee. One morning I just decided to stop having artifical sweetners daily. It is amazing the changes you can mak if you put your ind to it!

Today for lunch I had a delishious Turkey Quesidilla. It was a flat wrap, 1 Laughing Cow Light Wedge, 1/2 Wholly Guacomole 100 Claorie pack, 2 oz turkey, 2 slices tomatos, and 2 Kraft Free Singles grilled to perfection. I had an orange along with it. This meal is SO satisfying. I think it is the volume and healthy fats from the guac.

Im off to clean and pack! I have really been wanting a Diet Coke or Crystal Light latel. I think it is because it is SO WARM. I may have one. I am not sure. I also may call up my friend to get ice cream later. YUM!

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