Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nice and Sweaty

I had a FANTASTIC workout this morning! I warmed up for 8 min walking on the tredmill at incline 6 and mph 3.5 - 4. Then I did 20 min ellipticalling at incline 4 resistance 1, 20 minutes spinning level 6, 20 min on the Stepmill level 9, ans 8 min cooldown walking incline 6 mph 4- 3.3. I was nice and sweaty! According to the machines I burned 564 calories!!! WOOHOO!

Sorry for the multiple meal post I am still getting use to blogging. (The pictures always upload in random order but I think I figured it out :) ) On the agenda today is getting my dog groomed, fixing my class schedule and cleaning out my closet of old clothes.

Back to food

Dinner was a basic fall back for me. I had 2 oz grilled chicken (grilled on my George Foreman Grill), 1 c steamed brocolli, 1 c carrots + 1 T fat free ranch, and 1/4 c (beforecooked) brown rice.

Dessert was one of my homemade Double Chocolate Biscotti from Cooking Light. It is mega chocolatey and has a few chocolate chips in them which is a very nice surprise in those bites. I had it with a hot coco made with 3/4 c skim milk. (I think the reason I didnt like my coco yesterday is because it is made with water).

Breakfast was a nice filling meal. Eggs and oatmeal are the only breakfasts that keep me full. One of the things I loveabout eating real food is the volume you can eat! I had a mini whole wheat bagel, 2 eggs (well 1 egg & another egg with 1/2 the white missing from my biscottis), an orange and 1 c skim milk.

Lunch was a peanut butter sandwhich and 1 c pineapple.

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