Friday, December 26, 2008


Last night was not a good night. I started off eating just a couple chocolates but it escalated. I had a big binge. I was bored and tired. I also think the lack of lunch didnt help either. I had the following (in no order): 1 piece of fudge, 1 chocolate stick, 3 Lindon Truffles, 2 piece boxed chocolates, 1 Turkish Delight candy, a Pecan Puff, a Cookie Press Cookie, a small piece of Tropical Ginger Cake, a small piece of Happy Birthday Jesus Cake, and some M&Ms. I slept like crap from all the sugar. I kept waking up, a tossed and turned (my comforter wwas on the floor when I woke up, and I had weird dreams. Next time I am about to binging, I am going to remember my restless night's sleep.
I woke up to a fresh start. I had a 1c skim milk, a scrambled egg, a orange, and a piece of Panetone. (love that bread). I was originally going to have 1/2 a grapfruit, but I didnt like it today. Even with sugar. This meal provides: grains=1.5oz, fruit=1c, meat&beans=1oz, dairy=1c, calories=373

While baking the cake I had ~ T of batter. For lunch I had an open-face Ham and Cheddar melt and some grapes. This meal provides: grains= 2oz, Fruit= 1 c, meat&beans= 2 oz, dairy=1/2c, and cals= 373.
For dessert I had a peice of peppermint bark.
While frosting and decorating the cake I ate some frosting, a little to much. The cake turned out great! It is a 3 egg Coconut Cake with a Pineapple Icing Filling and a Buttercream Frosting outside with sides of coconut. The whole thing is from scratch. :)

For my Mom's birthday we went to our Favorite little italian place, Provinos. I had a glass of Diet Coke. (After 1 it was too bubbly and I switched to water.) I had 1 garlic roll, some salad, and Penne Pasta Prima Vera: penne, marinara sauce, brocolli, zuccini, tomatos, and mushrooms with a sprinkle of parmasan. I ate all my veggies and most of my pasta. This meal provided ~ grains= 3 oz, veggies= 2-3 c, dairy= 1/2c. I also had 3 spoonfuls of my Mom's Spononi. I am perfectly full, and not the slightest bit stuffed :) Later we are going to have cake.

Fo lunch

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