Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Repeat But Better

Today I was craving eggs for breakfast. This is weird for me because up until about 2 years ago I did not like eggs. I only ate Grandma's Special Eggs (poached on bread). Well I have discovered that they are great at keeping you full. So I was craving eggs and hade not had a poached egg in a while. For breakfast I had a ww english muffin with a poached egg on half and apple butter on the other half. My mom had bought it and I wanted to try it. It was very good. I also had a glass of milk and an orange.
It is SO COLD here that I had a second cup of coffee after I came back from running errunds.
For lunch I had a repeat from yesterday, except I had cheese instead of milk, less cranberry sauce and a granny smith apple instead of gala. It was SO GOOD. It was 2 pieces ww bread + 2 oz turkey + 1 piece provolone cheese + 1 T cranberry sauce, and an apple.

I am going to walk the dogs with my mom, step aunt and step uncle. Then I am going to go on a run and do some yyoga. I am meeting a friend at starbucks. I plan on getting on of the holiday drinks (I have a cupon :) ), so it will not be my normy healthy choice.

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