Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stress Eating

Its been a crazy 24 + hours. I ended up getting ice cream with my friend last night. Then we watched The Breakfast Club.It was alot of fun. I woke up this morning, ate breakfast, walked Charlie, went for a run, loaded up the car, packed my lunch, left school, drove home, unpacked, feed Charlie, changed, drove back through Atlanta, met my friends, ate dinner, went to the Thrashers game, and drove home. and Breath. I ave been BUSY!

Well my food has been the following:
Dinner- 1 1/4 c green beans, 1/4 carrots, 4 oz tofu, 1/4 c (uncooked rice), 2 T Teryakki sauce. A weird mix of leftovers that turned out yummy. Dessert- small Double Chocolate Chunk in a Sugar Cone.

Breakfast- 1 c milk, 2 scrambled eggs, 1 mini whole wheat bagel, orange.
Lunch - flatbread with 1T = 1tsp peanutbutter, 1 fruit cup (there are 4 of those triangles)
*The pics are being annoying and Im getting frustrated.

Snack - Kashi Go Lean Bar and a chocolat

Dinner- chips and salsa, veggie quesidilla (inside-cheese, onions,peppers,mushrooms. outside-lettuce, tomato, guacamole) Dessert - softserve ice cream with hot fudge and sprinkles

When I got back I was mad. I spent to much money. So I stressed ate / Binged. I had 2 chocolate chip cookies, 1 milano, 1 funsized hershey bar, 1 sundae- 1/2c ice cream, 1 T Hershey syrup, 1 t mini chocolate chips, 1 T Whip Cream. not to bad probably ~ 490 calories.
Tomorrow I am going to start over. Ugg. Babysteps.

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