Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Orleans Recap

Friday through Monday I was onn a trip to New Orleans to visit my dad for the holidays. I have never been to New Orleans before and I LOVE it. It is a great city.
I may be going over bored on enjoying vacation but did ok. Here is a quick recap of my eats on my trip.
Saturday Dec 27
breakfast= banana, chick-fil-a biscuit :) (a yummy treat at the airport)
lunch= diet coke, 2/3 of a burger and 1/3 of fries (we were at a burger place and it was worth it)
I felt gross in the afternoon. (too much grease) When ever I eat fatty food, my chest hurts. So instead of sitting around the hotel I went to the gym for a light work out. I wasnt in the mood for a hard work out but moving and sweating a little felt good.
exercize= 5 min walk, 1mi @ 10min/mi, and 15 min 4 mph inclin 7
dinner= diet coke, salad: lettuce, tomato, mozzerella, basil and mint, 6 shrimps sauted in olive oil
treat= 1/2 daquiri, 1 rum & diet coke
Sunday Dec 28
breakfast= yogurt, fruit and granola, and a few of aislinn's (my sister) homefries.
lunch= diet coke, 1 fried pickle, 1 mini meat pie, 1 bite catfish cake, chicken club sandwhich: bun, chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ranch.
dinner= diet coke, a house salad, a taste of gumbo, I dont remember the name but it was a squash like veggie stuffed with chopped shrimp with a scampi like sauce and topped with bread crumbs (a local friend of my dad's recommended it. It was AMAZING!) and a few potaos
dessert= 1/2 a praline and a pack of M&Ms
Monday Dec 29
exercize= great interval run; 5 min wal, 40min run, 5 min walk
breakfast= cinnomon raisin bagel w/ little cream cheese, ~ 1 egg scrammbled, a few homefries, a bunch of citrus fruit, yogurt & mixed berries
snack= 1 1/2 benegis (sp?) and a cafe de lait
snack= diet coke, plane peanuts, and apple
dinner= chicken tetrizzinni (sp?), peas
dessert= Coconut Cake
while watching a movie= choclate carmel popcorn and some candy (maybe a littlee binge).

I could have done better. I wasnt that healthy but I enjoyed the food and trip. My orginal plan was to go back to school today but I am not anymore. I have got to stop eating so much crap though.

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