Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sweet Sweet Christmas Eve

Today is definitly been one of those days where my eating has been 'only during the holidays'. I have probably had the amount of sweets I normallyhave in a month this week since Friday. Today I started off and ended good. The middle was not healthy.
I of course had my cup of coffee with 1 T skim milk. For breakfast I had AMAZING oatmeal. It was made with 1/2c skim milk, 1/2c water, 1/2 oats and 1/2 mashed banana. I topped it off with 1/2 apple chopped, 1/2 oz walnuts, and 1 T apple butter. I was so thirsty early in the day I drank like 4 glasses of water in the first 5 hrs I was awake. (No I was not hungover.) After breakfast I went to the recycling center. I missed walking the dogs :(
Today I baked a Peppermint Pie (which I saw the nutrition info for and will just be having a little (~560 cal a slice)) and frosting for the Happy Birthday Jesus Cake (see next post). While baking I had 2 chocolate waffers, 1 marshmellow, lick of marshmellow/condensed milk, lick of peppermint whipped creme, lick of the 2 combined, some of frosting (ok more than some :) ), and some dark chocolate M&Ms(OMG YUM!). It was past lunch time and I wasn't hungary from munching, so I didn't eat lunch. It was not the healthiest midday. Not munching while baking is one of my downfalls. But atleast I listened to my body and did not eat if I was not hungary. I wrapped all my presents to put under the tree. Had a chocolate and a bite of peppermint bark.
Then I decided to work out so I would be hungary for Christmas Eve Dinner. I then did 15 min arms (weights), 15 min abs (pilates based & crunches), 15 min legs(pilates based),10 min yoga, and 40 min walk with Charlie. Then I showered, got dressed and socialized.
I had a total of a diet coke (in a wine glass to make it more festive), 4 crakers, ~ 3 T crab dip, 2 small pieces guoda, and 1 piece cheddar. Then for dinner I had a glass of red wine (~4oz), a popover, wild rice(~1/2c), roast beef (~2oz)(That I have been calling Roast Beast like on the Grinch :) ), corn(~1/2c), and peas(~1/2c). Then for dessert I had a cup of coffee with 1 T 2% milk and a pice of cake.
I gave up daily artifical sweetners about 3 months ago. I gave up cold turkey and never looked back. I have had ~ 4 sugar-free syrup lattes and 4 diet cokes since then (2 just diet coke & 2 in coktails). I think that they should be special occasion treats and are fine in moderation.
Even though I had ALOT OF SWEETS I do not have the yuck feeling. Actually I am not stuffed or sick at all. I think 1) not eating lunc when I wasnt hungary and 2) my long walk helped alot. Actually I am not too full. ( I never really eat to full always just under). I may have to have a sanck before we leave. (PRobably a sweet ;) )
I had a Diet Coke and coffee because we are going to Midnight Mass and I need to stay awake. I am not going to get much sleep because mass will probably last until 1:30, which means I wont beasleep until 2 am! Then my stepgrandama is coming over at 9am to open presents because my step brother James is leaving at noon to go to his moms. I AM GOING TO BE TIRED!!!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

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