Sunday, December 14, 2008

Learning Moderation

I have a moderation problem when it comes to seets. I eat very healthy BUT have a HUGE sweet tooth. My problem is I put sweets on the no list. That leads to an overdose. I am slowly learning if there is no no list, sweets arent intimitating. Its funny how my ed was a control issue but the no list put the food in control.
For dinner I made a very yummy microwavable dinner that is healthy. Its Amy's Veggie Lasagna. Everything I have had of Amy's is delicious. The lasagna serving was HUGE and only 310 calories. I had 2 cups of brocolli on the side.
It is the holidays and sweets are every where. I want to enjoy and not stress the holidays. So tonight was a great moderation night. I was going to have a cup of hot coco made with water and 5 Hersey Kisses. The coco just didnt taste right / was not what I wanted. I ended up having 5 Hershey Kisses and a candy cane. 165 calories, not bad. :)

(the pics wont download. sorry :( )

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